• Waon Therapy

    Waon therapy is a form of thermal therapy for heart failure that uses a dry sauna with temperature maintained at 60 C, which differs from the traditional sauna. ”Wa”means soothing, and ”On” means warmth, hence Waon or ”soothing warmth” infers a warmth that comfortably refreshes the mind and body.

    Waon therapy is defined as warming the entire body in a uniformly heated chamber for 15min. Waon therapy requires a far-infrared-ray (FIR) dry sauna, which is uniformly maintained at 60 C without hydration pressure.
    Scientific studies showed that this FIR dry sauna offers substantial benefits for patients with several disease such as cardiovascular diseases, including chronic heart failure (CHF) and peripheral artery disease (PAD), as well as lifestyle-related diseases.