• The Fabric


    The fabric of the WarmWild sportswear was born from the combination of bioceramic threads and the great design of a high quality fabric from these threads with features that enhance the effect. In order to obtain a unique undergarment we asked an industry leader in the textile industry with more than thirty years of experience to design a fabric with these characteristics.

    This led to the creation of the fabric that we called APTĀ®: Always Perfect Temperature. The APT fabric is able to optimize the effect of thermoregulation of the bioceramics, allowing our athletes to wear the same shirt in cold conditions and extremely hot conditions. People who love sports and practice both summer and winter sports know that often, especially in the mountains, the weather changes very quickly. For this reason we wanted to develop a base layer that would work in every condition, in every season.

    So, in addition to the laboratory tests we had a crazy idea. Certain of the quality of our product and the validity of our theories we asked a number of high-level athletes to try out our shirts and give us their testimony with their true feelings after performing their favorite sport. In their tests our shirts were worn in the snow, the summer heat, high altitudes and at sea level.

    The WarmWild undershirt proven ideal in all conditions of heat, cold and warm weather. The characteristics of extreme breathability make it the ideal undershirt during exercise allowing the athlete to quickly disperse the heat and sweat. The effect of temperature control maintains the body temperature constant in the optimum range, preventing both dispersions and accumulations of heat and cold, maintaining a perfect temperature. Bioceramic also has an anti-bacterial and anti-odor effect; this, coupled with the ability to regulate he body’s temperature keeps you from wearing a smelly, wet t-shirt.

    WarmWild, thanks to the extreme comfort of the APT fabric is comfortable to wear, lightweight and snug, without being overly tight/compressive. These features of the APT fabric make the WarmWild undershirt the ideal piece of clothing in all seasons and weather conditions!

    We have produced an undergarment with all these features and we are proud and confident that it will become a great sports ally.

    Please feel free to contact the Warm Wild founders for any further information.

    Also, feel free to browse some of the references of our research.