• Far Infrared Rays

    Far Infrared RaysFAR INFRA RED RAYS (F.I.R.) are the source of energy for all living beings on earth, they lie in the spectrum of sunlight that is also absorbed by the human body. They are particularly abundant in the morning sun and at sunset. FIR can penetrate the body by up to 5-7 cm and have healthy powers and beneficial effects that have been proven by many clinical studies and well known for more than 30 years.

    How can we take advantage of these benefits?

    What can we use to make these rays available when no direct solar radiation is present?

    How to leverage these effects to improve sports performance?

    How to exploit their thermoregulatory effect to create an innovative underwear that can improve the comfort of the wearer?

    The Warm Wild project was born from these questions and addresses these challenges combining technology and innovation. The technology of bioceramic fabrics to create a new technical underwear with unique properties.